Tuesday, December 22, 2009

vlcd 25

Wow...what an incredible journey. Today I am at 151.2....that is another pound released since yesterday. Not only am I releasing pounds but so many inches. I checked in at the doctor yesterday and lost inches everywhere. I should have written it down, maybe I'll try to get it today so I can post it.

I am really noticing some crazy things ... I can really see my clavicles and yesterday I thought I caught a glimpse of my ribs. Of course they are still covered with a layer of fat but when I stretched out just right I could see them! wooohoo! I thought they were long gone. My clothes are far too big. This is crazy stuff. I have 15 more days of injections and I am really hoping for another 10lb release. I know that's a stretch, but I can dream! I mean who would have dreamed that I could release 16 lbs in 25 days.

Wishing big releases for all.

vlcd 23 & 24

Ok..Saturday I spent most of the day in the car and only had 2 oranges. Of course Iwasn't hungry so that wasnt an issue, but I got home so late I only had time for one meal. I figured I would have a big loss because of this and I was right, I released 1.8 lbs on my sunday weigh in. So I figured I would gain some back on Monday but only .2 lbs. So big loss for me this weekend..released 2 lbs.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

vlcd 21 & 22

Released .2 yesterday and today .8! Still sticking to my average of .5lb a day. I am 153.8 this morning! That is crazy! It seems like 159 was a dream and I couldn't believe I was that, now already I have my sights set on the 140's! It seems as when I stick with fish or chicken I have better releases. I still think I have to switch it up though or I will never make it another 3 weeks. So steak it is tonight!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

vlcd 20

Okay I just passed by 155 today. I really didn't believe it since I am constantly 1/2 lb, but of course I had to step on the scale 3 times to prove it and it was the same every time. I have not been this weight in forever! This is so exciting, my clothes are too big and I feel so much thinner.

The candy, cookies and treats are pouring in at work. So far so good. Luckily we got a beautiful fruit basket today with oranges, apples and grapefruit! My lucky day! So I have one of each in the fridge at work.

My husband said the funniest thing today. He always asks me how I'm feeling, what I've lost. So we were talking and he says --well if I do this you'll have to give me the shots. I thought that was crazy! That means he is throwing the idea around in the back of his mind. I'm a believer! This is an incredible cure to that dreaded fat!

Happy big releases to all!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

vlcd 19

I can't believe I am half way thru my injections. I really think this has passed so fast. My cravings aren't nearly as bad today as they were yesterday. I was down .4 today. Heading in the right direction! If I can lose at least a .5lb a day for the rest of this round it will be another 10 lbs.

A couple huge things in the past few days. This weekend I was able to comfortably fit into a pair of jeans I have never worn before! My friend gave them to me last year because they were too big for her (nice). Well I pulled them out of the closet and they zipped right up. Yea! Even after working out for a 1 1/2 years I couldn't get into them! Then yesterday at work the girls were teasing me that my scrub pants were huge and I had lost my butt. So when I stopped at the store last night I grabbed a pair of small scrub pants and brought them home. They fit great! A SMALL! I know they run a little big, but seriously I have never fit into a size small in anything my entire life! I am so loving this journey!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

vlcd 18

No weight loss today. Not too stressed about it, I figure its my body catching up with me, or it could be my TOM. I think both are playing a role. PMS is kicking in hard. Last night everything irritated me! I mean everything. Then today I really would like to eat everything in sight. I ate 6 melba toasts! Ok, I figure it was that or the bag of cheetos sitting on the fridge calling my name. Then my husband made chili dogs for dinner. Not even something I really enjoy but my mouth was watering for some chili! AAaaahhh! I took one bite to satisfy my craving. Otherwise I thought the evening could only get worse. I actually made my husband watch me to make sure I only took one bite then he immediately put it away. How ridiculous this sounds! I hope TOM doesn't hold me up too long, I really have another 10 I would love to get rid of before I end this round.

Til next time!

Monday, December 14, 2009

vlcd 14-17

I lost my mind for the weekend! Not really, I got a cricut machine and I've been busy playing with it during my free time. I have been doing really well. When I started losing again it starting coming off pretty good--day 14 lost a pound, 15--lost another, day 16 another flippin pound! Considering that I have been like clockwork a 1/2 lb a day, this was pretty exciting. Today is vlcd 17 and I dropped .2 lbs. My scale was kind of freakin out this morning so Im not sure how accurate this was. But I would rather underestimate and have a gain tomorrow. I tried a new asparagus soup yesterday and it was pretty good. I doctored it up a little more for dinner last night and found it much more satisfying. I can't believe I am already through vlcd 17. This has gone by so fast. I didn't realize til just now, but that means as of today I am half way thru this incredible journey! I feel incredible! I'm not hungry! Best of all I have lost 11.2lbs preload weight and 14.2 lbs with my loading! That is incredible!

I would really like to lose another 10 lbs during the last half. Of course more would be nice but I am trying to be realistic since .5 lb seems to be my norm.

Friday, December 11, 2009

vlcd 12 & 13

Okay, I have really tried to not get discouraged the last couple days, but let me tell you I was so irritated with that gain. So I did lose some yesterday...it wasn't alot but at least it was in the right direction. I do have to say there was a part of me that doubted the protocol for a minute...but only a minute. I love that I am not even hungry on the hcg. Most days I struggle to get my fruit in.

I made some soup with chicken and cabbage yesterday and it was so good! There is something soothing about soup when the weather is 3 degrees. So I may make another batch for today. There is a great sounding asparagus soup out there, so I will get the ingredients this weekend and give it a try. Hopefully there will be another success when I step on the scale in the morning!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

vlcd 11

Okay okay....breathe. 161.0! what! back where i was 2 days ago. im not gonna stress it. im sure its water weight...you do think its water weight dont you? oh well. Im gonna continue on my journey and hopefully the scale will be kind to me tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

vlcd 10

Yes! Made it to the 150's. Ok Ok 159.8...but I still made it! I hope I'm able to say goodbye to the 150's really quickly! I think I really have my dosage and everything dialed in now. I have settled into 175iu at about 930 each morning. I really don't feel hungry. Which is really nice.

Monday, December 7, 2009

vlcd 8 & 9

Okay lots of salt definitely slows things. Lost .2 yesterday but got back on track with a .8 loss this morning. Overall I am seeing .5lb a day. Nice!

I started taking my hcg a little later in the morning (around 9:30) and it seem to help with my hunger in the evening. Thankfully, because evenings are always my worst time of day to control my eating anyway. Looking for a good loss tomorrow! I really want to skip into the 150's! I believe it can happen!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

vlcd 7

Down another .8! Love steppin on the scale in the morning! I'm sure there will be days that won't be the case, but for now I will enjoy it!

Did really good today. Went to a friends for a small party, she had yummy cookies, bruschetta and crepes with heavy cream and strawberries! YUM! I stuck to black coffee. Oh yea! Then proceeded to the next party...cookies and pop! Did just fine, drank 6 cups of water.

I went to the grocery store this evening to stock up on apples, made a big mistake and went hungry. Every row I went down I just kept seeing everything I couldn't have. It was horrible! Carb cravings are killing me! So I bought a jar of pickles and ate 3 of them on the way home! Crazy...but they have never tasted so good. That was my vegetable for dinner I guess. LOL! So I just had some chicken and I will probably top the evening off with an apple. Hopefully the scale will be good to me tomorrow with all that sodium

Friday, December 4, 2009

vlcd 6

Down another .4! Last night I really struggled making my family dinner! The french bread and pasta were to calling me! I finally told my husband he needed to clean it up before I went back in the kitchen. I was having such a carb craving I had 2 extra melba toasts. I know...2 whole crackers! But mentally it satisfied me...so whatever works I guess.

Today I made the yummiest dressing for my salad! I put a couple strawberries, balsamic vinegar, fresh garlic, stevia and some seasoning in my little blender. OMG! It was out of this world! I had my remaining strawberries and some chicken in my salad. It was so good I had it for dinner too! So I am reading that balsamic vinegar has sugar in it...aaaargh! I will try this recipe with apple cider vinegar tomorrow and see how it turns out.

Feeling a little hungry after dinner so I think I will have some tea. Hopefully this holds me over and I have another loss in the morning!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

vlcd 4 & 5

Ok..yesterday lost .4..awesome! This morning .6--how can this be!? I can't believe that I am losing weight everyday. I think I stepped on the scale 8 times this morning because I didn't believe I would still be dropping lbs. I know that is what is supposed to happen, but I have to admit that there was a skeptic in me regarding dropping an average of 1/2lb a day.

I dropped my dosage the last couple days and my hunger has decreased alot! Thank goodness. There was no way I would make it 40 days being that hungry. Last night I was having a horrible carb craving so I allowed myself an extra couple melba toasts. Otherwise my eating and water intake went really good.

Afternoons when I come home from work are killing me! That is usually when I go to the gym, but instead I come home and feel like I need to be eating. Time to take up a long lost hobby and start doing something to keep myself busy. I'm sure I could clean the house but that doesn't sound as fun!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

vlcd 3

Down 3 lbs this morning since my first weigh in! That means I'm down 6 lbs since my load days! woohoo! Let me say 500 calories is not very much. I haven't gotten to the point where I can honestly say I'm not hungry. I am hoping that this will come soon. Had another great day with my food and got plenty of water in. I really felt like I was fighting a slight headache today, but it never got too bad.
Lunch-fish, salad
snack-melba toast
Dinner-fish, cabbage, and an apple for a snack

I have determined that I prefer to give myself my injections in my butt. I don't have any soreness when I give them there--though it is quite awkward to reach. When I give them in my thigh it just seems like my thigh is sore for 2 days.