Tuesday, December 22, 2009

vlcd 25

Wow...what an incredible journey. Today I am at 151.2....that is another pound released since yesterday. Not only am I releasing pounds but so many inches. I checked in at the doctor yesterday and lost inches everywhere. I should have written it down, maybe I'll try to get it today so I can post it.

I am really noticing some crazy things ... I can really see my clavicles and yesterday I thought I caught a glimpse of my ribs. Of course they are still covered with a layer of fat but when I stretched out just right I could see them! wooohoo! I thought they were long gone. My clothes are far too big. This is crazy stuff. I have 15 more days of injections and I am really hoping for another 10lb release. I know that's a stretch, but I can dream! I mean who would have dreamed that I could release 16 lbs in 25 days.

Wishing big releases for all.