Tuesday, December 15, 2009

vlcd 18

No weight loss today. Not too stressed about it, I figure its my body catching up with me, or it could be my TOM. I think both are playing a role. PMS is kicking in hard. Last night everything irritated me! I mean everything. Then today I really would like to eat everything in sight. I ate 6 melba toasts! Ok, I figure it was that or the bag of cheetos sitting on the fridge calling my name. Then my husband made chili dogs for dinner. Not even something I really enjoy but my mouth was watering for some chili! AAaaahhh! I took one bite to satisfy my craving. Otherwise I thought the evening could only get worse. I actually made my husband watch me to make sure I only took one bite then he immediately put it away. How ridiculous this sounds! I hope TOM doesn't hold me up too long, I really have another 10 I would love to get rid of before I end this round.

Til next time!